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As a marketer, you’re constantly on the lookout for effective marketing and advertising strategies. Today influencer marketing is one of the strategies which offers the highest return on investment (up to 11X ROI over all other forms of digital media). With social media continuing to grow, the time of traditional ways of marketing is over and the balance of power between customers and brands is shifting.

Influencer Marketing
When an influencer promotes your product or service to their audience, they’re essentially telling their audience: “You trust me, and I trust this company, therefore you can trust this company.” Therefore partnering with influencers makes your service more authentic and trustworthy.

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Everysize is an intelligent online search engine for sneakers that seeks through the best online shops to find your desired sneakers. In their social media and influencer campaign the focus was on increasing their brand awareness by utilizing numerous raffles and prize competitions.

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NA-KD is a Swedish online shop selling their own fashion brand as well as external brands which focuses on bohemian styles, trendy clothes and high-fashion party outfits. Populary help the brand with their entrance into the German market with the use of exciting micro-influencer campaigns.



Ambiotex produces intelligent sport shirts with EKG sensors that measure the vital signs and the activity of the wearer, connected to an app which offers personalized training and activity recommendations based on that data. With the help of Populary, Ambiotex launched their first social media campaign and saw a distinct uplift in followers and engagement.

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Terosso designs and retails sustainable pieces of furniture for every style and taste. Their social media and influencer campaign with Populary included the expansion of their company Instagram account as well as the creative content creation by a variety of different social media influencers.